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Hi! We are Dave and Waseem, two Alfa Romeo enthusiasts from Scotland - Alfa Romeos, especially 916 GTVs, make us happy. Dave's been running a successful Facebook group, GTVCity, since 2017 and has been the go-to guy for GTV parts since 2010. Waseem started the, now retired, Alfa Romeo enthusiasts forum back in 2011. We met because Waseem needed some parts for his GTV, over the years we became good friends and in 2020 amidst the covid-19 lockdown came up with the idea of Alfa Romeo City.

Waseem was already helping Dave with some of the GTVCity facebook group's admin tasks, between them they had some great sources for Alfa Romeo parts, new, used, refurbished and re-manufactured, so why not offer those parts to our fellow Alfisti? We all need quality parts to keep our prides and joys on the road, right?

„We sell the best quality parts for people like us. We share your enthusiasm and passion for the Alfa Romeo marque.“

— Dave Glasgow, Founder

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Used Parts

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Refurbished Parts

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If you have any other questions, just send us a message and we'll do our best to answer it.

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If it's not good enough to put on our own cars, it's not good enough for yours, that's our guarantee.

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